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Informational Interview




For Recruitment services, Nexus focuses on introducing qualified and talented IT professionals, who desire long term tenured employment, and are passionate about career growth as they continue to add value to the firm they chose to work for. 


Nexus has over 15 plus years of placing talented professionals with client organizations, from mid to executive level,

across the entire technology landscape such as: IT Infrastructure, Software Development, Data Analytics and ERP / CRM platforms, to name a few. Our talent for match-making is the catalyst for success in client business and growth,

while we support job-seekers in their careers.

Our Approach

We take the time to understand our client hiring needs and requirements, to get know their pain-points and struggles - whether it be for a common job opening, ongoing headcount position or for a specific niche role requiring specialist technical skills or a certain domain experience.

We like to keep connected with our clients to keep ourselves up-to-date with upcoming requirements as we conduct ongoing candidate research and development so we are always a phone call or message away from following up with the ideal talent to make the best recruitment match.  

Our Recruitment Steps for Clients

Step 1: Discuss and understand the requirements and existing hiring needs? 

- What are the reason behind this opening?

- What are the issues with finding talent till now?

- What are the key requirements, skills and language ability?

-  What is the hiring/onboarding time-frame?
Step 2: Understand and prepare job descriptions. Advertise and promote
Step 3: Implement recruitment strategy for candidate search
Step 4: Screen and shortlist candidates for submission
Step 5: Schedule, plan and prepare candidate for the Interview Process
Step 6: Prepare Candidate for Offer Stage
Step 7: Assist with employee onboarding and follow up


Our Recruitment Steps for Candidates

Step 1: Consult and understand the candidates' situation and need, desires and future plans

- How do they feel about the current situation and environment?

- What are you looking for? Is it now or in the near future?

- What skills can you take to a new role?

Step 2: Share, introduce and consult for suitable positions
Step 3: Support with resume advice and preparation for client submission
Step 4: Arrange and support with interviews
Step 5:  Provide preparation advice and help with interview scenarios
Step 6: Support candidate through the offer stage & acceptance process 
Step 7: Facilitate employee onboarding and follow up post hire

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