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The purpose of the our Staffing service is to provide support in the way of temp staff or contingent workforce that is versatile for both short or long term periods, for a variety of situations the client may be facing, such as:

1. to fill in for a position during maternity/paternity or extended sick leave,

2. in times when extra headcount is needed for completion of a project,

3. in a situation when there is no internal approval or scope for full time employment.


Our Approach

We know that spending too much time to search for staff for a particular role, can have an impact on the client cost or budget. Therefore, we aim to provide an efficient, timely service, that introduces the right people to meet your staffing needs.

We do this by fully understanding the key requirements: related experience, skill-set and personality traits, as we prioritize to meet client needs in a timely manner.

We are constantly scouting the candidate market to connect with top talent for our staffing service, Keeping a pulse on our candidate network and out staff projects, to know when project workers and consultants are available for their next role.


Our Client’s Role

We encourage our clients to play an active part in the management of our onsite staff and contribute to their professional and career development through guidance, support and training.


We request our staff managers to assist with the following: 

  • Assigning of tasks

  • Resource management

  • Day-to-day supervision

  • Regular performance reviews

Job Seekers Support

We pride ourselves on our personal approach to supporting job seekers in their search for a new work project or the next role in their career. The support services we provide for candidates, guides them through each stage of the recruitment process, from understanding their situation and needs, through interview stages, to ongoing support and assistance post hire.


The services proved to our candidates consist of:

  • Initial discussion to connect and understand you: your situation, your background, your experiences and skills 

  • Explain, introduce and advise on the landscape of the job market, and roles/ positions at our partner companies 

  • Provide regular follow-ups and support during assignment or project


For our staff working on client projects and assignments, we provide:

  • The option of working in contractual employment or as an independent contractor

  • Employment Benefits: social insurance, paid holidays, transport allowance, over time allowance

  • Support for career development and training

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