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- Staffing solution focussed on finding talent to work on short-term or long-term projects

- Clients get to directly manage and supervise the temp staff, resulting in direct accountability


- Ideal for job seekers who prefer project work enhancing their skills while working as a temp staff on Nexus payroll

- Also for those who want to manage their own finances as an independent contractor 

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- For clients who have full time permanent or direct contract headcount to fill. 

- Specialized service for that hard-to-fill role that has opened up.


- For job seekers who are looking for full time employment at either local firms and global corporations, with career stability and industry-best perks and benefits.

- Providing insights to our clients to better manage business practices and processes.

- Developing long-term strategy to reduce cost and increase efficiency.


- Nexus employees are deployed on client's projects on an onsite/offsite model.

- We cover a wide range of technologies and our staff is available to work on small-mid-large sized project 

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